Rebel Sport and Fitness is the home of Ambush BJJ, an official member of the Chicago MMA Professional Fight Team. Under the leadership of Tony Williams, a Carlson Gracie Jr. 1st degree black belt, Ambush offers a cutting edge mixed martial arts program. Training incorporates the study of self-defense, sport jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and judo.  Our collaboration with Chicago MMA allows us to offer the city's top instructors to help guide you on your journey as a martial artist.  Wether it be as a casual participant or professional fighter,  Ambush BJJ, proudly welcomes kids and adults of all ages and abilities.

 What makes Ambush BJJ unique among all other schools, is the performance training that is integrated within the curriculum.  With access to the other fitness classes offered at Rebel, you will not only have the technical proficiency, but also the athleticism and fitness to maximize your results.