Hello my name is Tony Williams, the founder and head instructor of Rebel Sport + Fitness and Ambush BJJ.  Rebel is the culmination of over 20 years of seeking out all the information I could find, on how to be the best  athlete, trainer, coach, and fighter I could ever be.  This journey started for me at the University of Wisconsin where I played football and started jiu jitsu, with Jon Hinds.  There I learned the true meaning of hard work.  I learned to find comfort and pride in pushing through challenges.  To never cower from an opportunity to compete.  To systematically, establish and work towards high level goals, disregarding sacrifices. 

After leaving Wisconsin, I went on to work as a assistant strength coach with the University of Iowa football team.  This was a critical time for me as it shifted my focus from being an athlete to being a coach.  I became enamored not just with the science of training but also the science of being a great coach and motivator.  It was at Iowa that I formally started training at the Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu academy after starting with Jon Hinds in Madison, WI.  I left Iowa to come to Chicago to work with the Chicago Bears as an assistant scout and to throw myself full-time into training jiu jitsu.  Both incredible opportunities exposed me to the highest levels of athleticism and the business of sports. 

Over the last 15 year I have made Chicago my home.  When I left the Bears I decided to turn my attention towards personal training.  Starting as a trainer for the East Bank Club, I progressively pushed to open my own training business.  Over time I would go on to work with sport agents, training NFL prospects, manage and produce high school sport camps with pro athletes, even partner in one of Illinois' largest private sport performance gyms, Elite Sports Performance (Oswego,IL) with former Chicago Bear, Macey Brooks.

Snap to the present, and here I have Rebel Sport + Fitness the ultimate expression of my pursuit to deliver a training experience as unique as all the opportunities that created it.