Group training at Rebel is much more than just another fitness class.  Despite the group setting, you still receive highly personalized instruction and focus.  We will even adapt exercises to accommodate special needs or address different abilities.  Our classes allow you to build training fundamentals, and to push yourself with like-minded people.  When the training gets tough, it's always good to have others around to help motivate you through the tough times.  At Rebel we follow the motto "The only easy day was yesterday!"  Utilizing the science of strength and conditioning, all of our classes are uniquely designed to supplement each other.  This means you can maximize gains and avoid overtraining. We train hard but we train  smart!

A Class For Everyone.

Youth to adult.  Amateur to Professional.

Fitness/Martial Arts Classes

Ambush Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Kettlebells/Metabolic conditioning

weightlifting/Endurance conditioning

Fitness/Sport conditioning/Boxing