The Rebel DNA

Rebel S&F is a private training gym that specializes in providing elite training. Our unique training focuses on integrated movements over isolated muscles. For athletes, this provides the basis to increase sport skill and performance. For fitness, it provides the metabolic fire to shed body fat, and strengthen toned muscles.

The quality of training at Rebel is second to none. It is based on over 20 years of training athletes at the highest levels combined with helping hundreds of people achieve the best shape of their lives.

Rebel offers personal training as well as a variety of classes for all ages. Our kids classes are guaranteed to develop athletic and fitness fundamentals, along with mental focus and camaraderie.

Rebel is the home of Ambush Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an official member of the Chicago MMA Professional Fight Team. Through our dedicated training we provide the means to take your game and performance to the highest levels. 

I have learned more about the mechanics of movement and proper form in three sessions with Tony Williams than I have over all my years of working out in other settings. He is truly a gifted teacher, helping me to focus on each muscle group individually and then putting them together for an extremely efficient and challenging workout which hits all areas and doesn’t waste time or energy. Tony is really an amazing guy and I feel fortunate to be able to train with him.
— Carol Hennessey, Life long fitness enthusiast

Tony’s level of understanding the body and how it all works together matches his attention to detail and phenomenal demeanor. Fortunate to have him in the neighborhood!
— Rebekah Lieto, Fitness Enthusiast

What We've Achieved

  • We have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals in both sports and fitness.
  • We have worked with clients of all abilities and ages.  Mentally and physically disabled. Elderly to early youth aged children. Amateur to professional athletes representing all sports.
  • Strength and conditioning consultant to Carlson Gracie Team and Misho Ceko Team
  • Official consultant and instructor to Cook County Dept. of Corrections
  • We are both a participant in our community as well as seasoned high school/collegiate coaches.